Organizational History


The creation of the New Mexico Consortium of Academic Libraries was an outgrowth of recommendations made in a report published in September 1988 by the New Mexico Commission on Higher Education entitled, “Planning for the Class of 2005: A Vision for the Future“. It was presented as the Commission’s strategic plan for New Mexico’s higher education institutions.

The Commission’s plan contained several recommendations specific to academic libraries, including the creation of specific consortia (libraries), that “By the 1990-91 funding cycle formulas should be replaced with formulas which recognize the library requirements of individual academic programs and the specific costs related to library operations and materials.” and, “To increase the quality and efficiency of the higher education library system, the Commission should coordinate the development of and approve a statewide acquisition policy…”


In October 1988, delegates for sixteen academic libraries in New Mexico met at Northern New Mexico Community College, Española, NM, to establish the New Mexico Consortium of Academic Libraries (NMCAL). The delegates created an organizational committee, approved a constitution, and elected officers.


The NMCAL Archivist is responsible for collecting and maintaining the official historical records of the organization.  The organization’s records are currently being collected by Archivist, Valerie Nye.  If you have records related to NMCAL’s history please contact her at:  [email protected].  To access the archives, visit the online repository.